EMPWR Nutrition acquires Noble Foods.

Together we will raise the bar even higher.

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EMPWR protein bar

Custom-made protein bars

Our products co-build their reputation of having best in class protein bars in terms of taste, texture and quality throughout the shelf life, resulting in consumer desire and high sales.

We discovered how to make our protein bars low in sugar and incredibly tasty. We continuously strive to make them even healthier and tastier.

Manufacture your own protein bars

We fuel our client’s ambitions with our technical know-how, innovation and disruptive mindset. We offer our clients agile and responsive support throughout the entire end-to-end process from development to production and packaging.

With our full-service solution, we bring your ideas to the shelves. Constantly pushing ourselves, our clients and our creativity, we instinctively aim for better, healthier and tastier.


Brainstorm & development

A full team of ingredient experts, chefs, food scientists, and product & quality managers help you turn your vision into protein bar reality.



We have a production capacity of 250 million protein bars per year and counting. The lead time is usually 4-8 weeks from the date the PO is placed.



We use high quality packaging and have started an innovation track to replace plastic with a durable solution. We can offer a fully customized design for your brand.

EMPWR fast track development

Why choose EMPWR

We develop and produce superior protein bars for leading and fast-growing healthy snack brands in Europe. With our unique customization possibilities and dedicated R&D department, we continuously strive for better.

It’s not surprising that we are known for our great textures and surprising flavor combinations.

Unique taste & texture

We don’t make compromises when it comes to taste and texture and continuously strive to make our protein bars even healthier and tastier.

We offer a broad range of customizations to help bring your vision to the shelves.

Proactive innovation

We have a large and diverse R&D and quality team of over 25 employees with very diverse backgrounds.

From flavor experts, ingredient experts to food scientists and product managers.

We continuously innovate through R&D.

High quality standard

We only use high-quality ingredients resulting in excellent product quality.

Even when it comes to packaging, we insist on using durable and high-quality materials.

Agile & reliable service

We work with strict innovation management to meet the required specifications, timing and cost budgets.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and responsive partner for our clients.

On top of that, we offer a fast supply chain with the promise of consistently providing fluent and fast order fulfilment.

Quality certificates

EMPWR applies a high standard resulting in the highest BRC food and IFS Food grades. Upon request, we supply kosher and halal certificates where applicable.

Want to manufacture your own protein bar?

Our experts would be happy to meet with you and discuss your goals and preferences. Feel free to contact us for a meeting or more information.

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