Global leader in protein bars

Since 2015, we’ve been supporting leading and fast-growing healthy snack brands in Europe in the development of their protein bars. However, our services are not limited to development. We cover every step of the process, including the design, development, manufacturing and packaging of the protein bars. Our protein bars are known for their soft textures and surprising flavor combinations.

  • Unique taste & texture
  • Proactive innovation
  • High quality standard
  • Agile & reliable service
EMPWR raise the bar

We raise the bar

Push yourself. Raise the bar. Over and over again. That’s how you grow. Evolve. Become a better, healthier and happier version of yourself, whether you’re a rookie entrepreneur or a crossfit boss.

We know, because it’s what drives us every single day. It brought us here. To where we are today. In a leading position. We empower companies and individuals with that same hunger for action.

Driven by passion and eager to improve. We fuel their ambitions with our technical know-how, nutritional experience and disruptive mindset. Only to design innovative snacks that drive active lifestyles.

Young man and woman enjoying a protein bar during sports break

Our mission

Co-design, develop and manufacture superior snacks that drive active lifestyles. Constantly pushing ourselves, our clients and our creativity, we instinctively aim for better, healthier and tastier.

Our values

EMPWR growing together

Growing together

We believe in growth through partnership, with our customer and with the end consumer.

Success is always a team effort, and we pride ourselves on taking the lead.

EMPWR raising the bar

Raising the bar

We are winning because we are ahead of the curve, driven to be not just great, but the best at what we do.

We want to outperform not only others, but ourselves, day after day

Living the passion

Passion is at the heart of our company.

A passion to continuously move forward, innovate and improve; born out of a genuine love for our customers and what we do best.

Quality certificates

EMPWR applies a high standard resulting the highest BRC Food and IFS Food grades. Upon request, we supply kosher and halal certificates where applicable.