EMPWR protein bar

Develop your own protein bar

We offer multiple types of bar concepts, ingredients, layers & core layers, shapes and sizes. Everyday, we add new capabilities to what we have learned so far. If your preference does not exist today, then we can co-develop this with and for you.


We offer a wide range of dairy, veggie, collagen-rich and vegan product concepts.

Coatings & toppings

Develop bars with delicious toppings such as chocolate or sprinkles (also available sugar-free).

Layers & core

Choose from multiple layers and inner core possibilities, using in-house developed pastes.

Shapes & sizes

EMPWR protein bars come in many shapes and sizes. Small, wide, narrow, rectangular, dome-shaped, … We have it all.

Available certifications

Our protein bars can also be adapted to special preferences, such as: kosher, halal, sustainable palm.


We use high quality packaging. We also offer a fully customized design for your brand.

Want to create your own protein bar?

Our experts look forward to collaborating with you to develop your own custom-made protein bar.

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